Best Days to Book a Hotel Room

New report: Survey reveals the best day and time to book a hotel

The report said that booking a hotel room over the weekend is a money-saving strategy because fewer people are searching:

“We see supply and demand play a major role with prices, which are at their peak Monday through Wednesday. Searches and prices start to decrease the closer it gets to the weekend, with prices at their lowest Fridays through Saturdays (when 23 – 30% fewer people are searching).”

Another thing to consider? Your hotel check-in and check-out days. Checking in on a Friday or Saturday and checking out on Sunday is the most expensive option overall.

Also, a Sunday check-in is the cheapest, followed by Monday and Tuesday.

Summary of the Global Hotel Study findings for domestic travel:

Cheapest day to book a hotel ….. Friday/Saturday
Most expensive day to book a hotel ….. Tuesday
Cheapest hotel check-in day ….. Sunday
Most expensive hotel check-in day ….. Friday
Cheapest hotel check-out day ….. Friday
Most expensive hotel check-out day ….. Sunday

Remember that using your Trunited-Travel link can save you (or your customer) up to 70% on the cost of their Hotel Reservation AND pay you 11% Profit Points.

IF you check Trunited-Travel and the cost of your hotel reservation is less than $165 then check to see if you get a similar price for your hotel reservation with Trunited / LookupFares – which will give you a flat 18 pts for a hotel reservation.

Note: When booking airline flights, Trunited-Travel will give you 3 points for each airline ticket, but Trunited / LookupFares will give you 20 points for each airline ticket. Nice!

Dave Brunson

Brighter Laundry

Another Testimony post from one of our TruPartners!

Coming from old school, I have tried every brand of detergent out there to achieve white and bright clothing. Well, after more than fifty years of trying I can truly say I found a detergent that out shine all the rest. It is called: PURACY. I was amazed to see my husband’s t-shirts with no sweat ring under the arm. If you have clothes with sweat rings that is stubborn to remove, by all means try Puracy Natural Laundry Detergent. There are 96 loads if you use the HE machines. It only takes 1 pump per wash. The average cost of the five leading brands of detergent for 96 loads was approximately $60.00 compared to Puracy at $15.99 for 96 Loads. BEST OF ALL WE GET PAID TO USE IT

14 Reasons

In today’s post, I want to share 14 reasons to join Trunited. As a quick disclaimer, I am a satisfied customer and happy affiliate with the company.

Trunited is going to shake up the Home Business Industry. I think so anyway. Trunited combines several different business models, to include network marketing, affiliate marketing, cash rewards and fundraising, into a unique opportunity and service that everyone can benefit from.

I think of it as a hybrid business model. I believe it will be the next big thing. Trunited has a network marketing component, but without any of the bad things that plague our industry; things such as forced auto-ship, high start-up costs, overpriced products, bad reputation, and compensation plans that are hard for the average person to make money with.

Trunited is a win-win for EVERYONE who gets involved, both customers and business builders. With that being said, here are some of my top reasons to join Trunited.

Top 14 Reasons to Join Trunited

# 1 It’s Free to Join

Most Home Business Companies want you to buy a starter kit, priced anywhere from $100 to $1,500. Normally, there’s also an annual fee you must pay each year to renew your account. There are no kits to buy with Trunited. Anyone can join Trunited for free, and stay a free member as long as they want to. That’s what most people do. Yes, there is an optional affiliate upgrade option for $99 per year, but that should be going away in March 2018. Click to Start

# 2 It’s Something Anyone Can Do

In most network marketing companies and business opportunities, it’s only a few gifted people that have the ability to make the big money with the opportunity. Not so with Trunited. They’ve leveled the playing field. As I see it, anyone can share a free website with someone else. You don’t have to be some super salesman who has to explain why your prospect should purchase your $80 lotion or $300 skin care set. If you can share a free website and share your own personal shopping story with others, I know you can succeed. It doesn’t mean you will, but you can if you put in the work! Click to Start

# 3 Free Website

Many home businesses and network marketing companies charge their distributors a monthly fee for their website. Many companies charge $20 to $50 per month. Personally, I find that ludicrous. Even as a free customer with Trunited, you get your own free website, which has your affiliate link and a back office. Click to Start

# 4 No Forced Auto-Ship

Auto-ship, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. Most of your current bills right now are on auto-ship. This includes your cell phone, insurance, car payment, rent or mortgage, utility bill, etc. When it comes to network marketing, many people hate auto-ship. They don’t want to be forced into buying products every month. With Trunited, there is no auto-ship required. Yes, you can set up what’s called a TRUBOX, and have products automatically delivered to you, but it is 100% optional. You can just buy what they want when they want to buy it. Click to Start

# 5 No Overpriced Products

99% of all MLM products are overpriced (in my opinion). Companies must overprice their products to pay the company’s expenses, give them a profit, and then pay their distributors. Let’s keep it real for a minute. It’s hard to sell a $50 shampoo when your prospects can buy something similar online for $10.

It’s hard to sell a $100 monthly vitamin pack, when your prospects can get something similar at a local discount store for 60% cheaper. With Trunited, you simply shop at the same businesses and websites you currently shop at, and pay the same prices you currently pay, yet you earn rewards and money for doing so.

To be honest with you, Trunited also offers what is called “Direct to Consumer” stores. Currently, there are about 20 stores in the Direct to Consumer category. Some of these stores/businesses are owned by the Trunited leadership team. These product brands are also for sale on Amazon. However, you can get them through Trunited at or about the same price as on Amazon, yet get paid up to 70% profit points on them. Click to Start

# 6 A Real Work from Home Business

This one might ruffle some feathers, but hear me out for a minute. With many Network Marketing Companies, they want you to attend 1 or 2 meetings per week. I have friends in one company who attend meetings five nights per week. I can’t speak for anyone else, but the reason I started a home based business was so that I could honestly work from home. I build Trunited in my pajamas every day. I leverage technology such as Zoom, phone, Skype and Facebook to build my business. It is a true home based business. Click to Start

# 7 No Minimums

Most companies want you to order a minimum amount of “points” or “BV” or “GV” each month. Not so with Trunited. As long as you have at least 1 point in the calendar month you are considered active and will receive cash back for your purchases. They have a unique profit point matching system which means if you have 30 points, you can match up to 30 points on each person you refer. If one person had 8 points, you would match on all 8 of their points (because you had 30 points). If another team member had 50 points, you would match on 30 of those 50 points. This is the fairest compensation plan I have ever seen. You only buy what you want to buy. If you want to increase your points in a month to get paid more, you can do that too. You can’t buy a certain amount of products to push you to the next rank, either. Click to Start

# 8 Shop Where You Currently Shop

This is the one thing about Trunited that I absolutely love. With many network marketing companies, you have to influence your prospects to create a new spending habit. In other words, you are asking them to buy something they are NOT currently buying. And because the products with most companies in our industry are so expensive, it’s difficult to find and keep customers. With Trunited, you simply show people how to save and make money by shopping where they are already shopping. How cool is that? Click to Start

# 9 No Inventory

Most MLM Companies don’t encourage people to keep an inventory, but some still do. With Trunited, there is no inventory of any kind. You don’t need samples either. You’ll never be stuck with a garage full of stuff you can’t sell. Click to Start

# 10 No One Gets Hurt Financially

This one is a big one to me. With Trunited, no one gets hurt financially. Since it’s free to join, there is no financial risk. There is no front-loading, so you won’t be stuck with a garage full of inventory you can’t sell. You don’t have expensive tools and systems to purchase, either. You don’t buy your way to your next rank advancement. Instead, you just use the Trunited shopping portal to shop at stores you are already shopping at. This business is great for anyone on a tight budget. Click to Start

# 11 It’s Easier to Find Customers

I wanted to say it’s easy to find customers, but instead I’ll say it’s easier to find customers than most network marketing companies. Most distributors in our industry don’t have ANY customers. Why? Because the products are so overpriced, no one wants to pay the suggested retail price. With Trunited, you’re simply sharing a free website and showing other people how they can save money by shopping at stores they already shop at. I would argue that if you struggle to refer people to this, you won’t be able to succeed in any opportunity. Click to Start

# 12 No Breakage in the Comp Plan

There is no breakage in the compensation plan. In many compensation plans, if you sponsor someone who does better in the business than you do, their volume breaks away from you and you have to maintain certain levels of volume outside of that group, just to get paid on their volume. Personally, I never liked that. After all, you’ve probably spent time helping that person become successful. Why get punished for it? You also don’t have to balance two legs like you do in some other companies. The more people you help succeed with Trunited, the better you do. That being said, there is no free ride. You can’t just sign up one good person, do nothing, and make a ton of money. They have some simple, easy to achieve requirements in place to keep the compensation plan fair for everyone involved. Click to Start

# 13 Visionary Leader

Dr. Nicolas Porter is a visionary leader and entrepreneur. He is very good at disrupting industries for the better. Prior to starting Trunited, he build a successful dental practice (he still owns it) worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I suggest you to Google his name, and his business, RISAS Denal. He found a simple way to offer dental work at nearly half the traditional price, offering interest free payment plans to his clients, and sharing the profits of the business with the dentists. As a result, his dentists earned great incomes working only a few days per week. Click to Start

# 14 Pay Plan 360

The Trunited compensation plan is unlike any other compensation plan I have ever seen. Instead of just getting paid for your team’s performance, you are paid based on the entire company’s performance. Each month, the company takes all of its revenue, pays the overhead bills, and puts 100% of the net profit into the profit pool. Based on the company’s net profit, and the total profit points in the company, the value of a profit point is calculated. You then get paid based on the number of points in your team (based on your payout level).

That means the more profit the company has, the more a profit point is worth, and the more money you can earn. We are NOT shareholders, but the company does share the profits in a profit pool, frequently referred to as the piggy bank. The corporate team does everything they can to minimize expenses, so they can maximize the profit pool. This creates a win-win for everyone involved. Click to Start

Reasons to Join My Trunited Team

If you’re thinking about joining Trunited, you definitely want to be part of my team. We are called the TruWinners Team. I am building it big and building it fast and I’m currently looking for serious builders and customers. Here are a few reasons you should consider working with me:

  • Password Protected Advanced Training Site
  • Password Protected Blog Update Site
  • Weekly Webinars and Online Meetings
  • Weekly Training Emails
  • One-on-One Coaching as Needed
  • Online Marketing System You Can Use
  • I Work Closely with the Top Earners in Trunited

Dave Brunson
(630) 398-2033
Click to Start
Email me =>



Today’s news! I have 2 items for you to see ASAP.

First, Tap Right Here to watch the video recording of last night’s TruWinner’s Webinar “Show Me The MONEY

Thank you to everyone who asked a question or gave a comment in the chat window at the end too. You help make a great webinar.

Michael switched to a new microphone for last night’s webinar and wow you will notice a big difference in clarity.

I would love your feedback on this webinar, and if you have any suggestions for future webinars, please email me.

Second, Today Only (Wed, Jan 24th) – get 20% off already deep discounted offers with Living Social via your Trunited account.

Michael just bought a $44 Living Social certificate for a Japanese Hibachi dinner for 2 for only $22 plus he got 15% profit points. Use code: EXTRA20

Remember, we also get 10% profit points from Local Flavors, we got a certificate for Papas Saverio’s which is one of our favorite pizza places and got $30 of food for $15, that’s 50% off. Remember – these Living Social and Local Flavor deals are with businesses in your local area, and those that are not will ship to you.

Don’t delay .. grab these deals TODAY Only!!

Marketing Funnel

People often ask “What is the secret to your success?”

The answer is simpler than you may think. You see most people try to make this business a SALES business. How do they do that? They try EXPLAINING how this business and comp plan works to a prospect. I don’t do that!!

You see people pay more attention to what you DO than what you SAY. So if what you are DOING is acting like a SALES person, your prospect believes this is SALES and 97% of people hate sales.

Instead, what I do is INVITE. I invite people to a 2 minute video & if they like what they see, they fill in a FORM that does 4 things:

  1. SAVES their name, email & phone in my online Contact Manager
  2. EMAILS me their name, email & phone for immediate follow up
  3. STARTS them into my 25 day email auto-responder
  4. REDIRECTS them to my Video Landing Page of 6 Videos

IF I did not have this marketing funnel, I know I would only have a small fraction of the success I enjoy today. I want this for you too, and I can help you. I’ll set everything up for you with YOUR name, email, phone # and direct link to your Trunited site! ok?

IF you do not yet have this Video Marketing Funnel for Trunited, email me and ask me how you can get one customized with your name, email, phone and direct link to Trunited to signup – AND ask me how you can get it for FREE!!


Living Social

If you’ve not yet checked out Your Trunited Global Brand called:
Living Social” – then you need to check it out. This will give you great discounts to many local businesses in your LOCAL area (like Groupon).

Examples: Huge savings at local Restaurants, concerts, pet care, theme parks, bowling, cruises, spas, barbers, beauty salons, massage, national and state parks, skating, weekend get away, wine and much more!

Yes you can subscribe to it, so you’re email notified of the latest savings, BUT always access Living Social by going through Trunited with our normal protocol for shopping ‘Global Brands’ so you get your 15% Profit Points!

How Easy 30 points per month is

How easy is it to create 30 points per month?

A. Direct To Consumer is the highest cash back and point value, so let’s look here first.

(1)  Healthy Vida Power Pak Daily Vitamins = 30 points (33 pts if in TruBox) and this is for just ONE person in your household.

(2) One person drink 1 Vengo every day
Vengo Energy Drinks = 1.04 points for each Vengo in a case of 24
So 1 case of Vengo = 25 points
Two of the 3-Pak of Vengo = 4 points
This is 29 points for 30 Vengos (Or 31.9 points if in your Trubox)

If you have 2 people in your home, easily over 60 points per month with just 1 Vengo a day for each of you. etc.

(3) Ciela Restorative Daily Moisturizer = 35 points (38.5 pts if in Trubox)

(4) Ciela Firming Eye Cream = 35 points (38.5 pts if in Trubox)

(5) Plus many more options in Direct to Consumer

B. Global Brands and Gift Cards

(1) Gift Cards:
Do you frequent Starbucks? (5%)
Parts for a vehicle? AutoZone (5%  on Gift Card + 4% Global Brands)
Do you go to movies (Fandango 5% on Gift Card + 2% Global Brands)
Do you or your children play games (Gamestop 5%)
Do you subscribe to Netflix? (5%)
Do you shop at Overstock or Sephora (5%)
Do you eat in restaurants? (2%) and Burger King (5%)
Do you shop at Home Depot? (2% on Gift Card + 3% Global Brands)
Do you shop at Amazon? (2% on Gift Card) etc. etc.

(2) Global Brands:
These points add up!!
* Priceline (11% on hotel bookings! Wow!)
* Home Depot (3%), many of them with free delivery to my residence OR pick local pickup.
* Walmart – many times I buy groceries via Walmart (4%) and pick it up at the store. I’ve also bought a t- shirts, CD player, staples and many other items.
* The Vitamin Shop (9%)!!!!
* Lifelock (40%)
* Cheap-O-Air (25%)
* Dental Plans (20%) I have and recommend Careington or Patriot
* Vistaprint (16% if you use a NEW email address)
* Payless Shoes (10%)
* Wine Club (10%)
* Petsmart (6%)
* GoDaddy (15%)

* Sams Club (7%)
* (15%)
* Tiger Direct (3%) or NewEgg (3%) – computer, printer, monitor, etc.
* Plus hundreds more!!

Shop Global Brands and Gift Cards and your points will be 1 or 2 months out, so you will ENTER your new months WITH POINTS already on your account